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87 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA, 91103
United States


MAKEiT sells high-quality, precision, desktop and wall-mount 3D printers for additive manufacturing, industrial, and professional use.

A Powerful Combination.

MAKEiT printers combine the best capabilities available in desktop printing with the precision and capability of industrial level 3D printers. Print ultra-high resolution parts at layer heights as low as 10 microns, or take advantage of reliable batch printing. With two-nozzle duplication you can produce two parts simultaneously, enabling your manufacturing or small business to create product twice as fast.


All MAKEiT printers are compatible with 14+ different materials. From classics like ABS and PLA, to durable formulations of PET and Nylon, to flexible elastic and rubber, you can find a material to suit your custom and functional needs.

Two nozzles with individual temperature control up to 275C means you can print with soluble support material or combine different materials into a single part.


Through thousands of hours of testing and feedback from our customers, MAKEiT printers have a proven record of reliability. Day after day, week after week, you can rely on a MAKEiT printer like a workhorse.

Of course every machine from sewing machines to airplanes needs maintenance eventually, but thanks to semi-automated calibration with clear on-screen instruction, and smart modularity for ease of access, any maintenance is simple and quick!